Baby Tree Will Own China Community Ecommerce

Jumei to help Babytree fund community ecommerceOnline retailer Jumei is investing in Babytree, China’s premier parenting community. We predict this blend of community info first, ecommerce second will prove hugely successful, hopefully a catalyst for other sites till stuck chanting Jack Ma’s mantra “We are a platform.”

Excerpt:BabyTree is the largest online parenting community in China, and is among the largest online parenting communities globally as ranked by traffic volume. Currently the DAU (daily active users) of BabyTree has surpassed 10 million., the website of the company, along with its mobile apps “BabyTree Pregnancy” and “BabyTree Footprints,” cover over 80% of pregnancy-stage parents and parents of 0-6 year-old children in China. The “BabyTree Pregnancy” app ranks number one among baby and maternity mobile apps in China.

Mr. Leo Ou Chen, founder and CEO of Jumei, stated, “This strategic deal with BabyTree will strengthen our ability to create greater value in an important demographic. We believe this market has vast growth potential. Leveraging the enormous user base of BabyTree and Jumei’s supply chain and logistics expertise in cross border ecommerce, we are confident to become the dominant female ecommerce platform in China. We see significant cross-selling potentials across all Jumei product categories.”

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