Tmall Data: Air Filter & Water Purification Market

Tmall has a big market for air filtration and water purification products

If there’s one thing you learn from the western media about China, it’s that we have plenty of crises to deal with. If you’re selling to our pollution crisis, this post is for you, specifically if you’re selling air filtration or water purification products.

With Tmall accounting for half of China’s online B2C sales, getting in-depth information about its market for specific products and categories goes a long way to a viable business case. Data science being what it is, you can now get enough info via programmatic scraping to reverse engineer and forecast your CPA and revenues on Tmall or Tmall Global, relative to marketing budget.

Here are two infographics on the Tmall market for air purification and water filtration products, for the period 3/09/15 -4/09/15:

Air Purification Products on Tmall

Tmall infographic of air filter market

Did you notice that only 470 of 1010 total stores selling air purification products actually sold anything for the month in question? That’s 46% – so more than half of stores offering such products laid a goose egg.

And we’re not talking about some weird product like dried cranberries, car decals, live fishing bait…wait, never mind, all of that stuff and weirder sells on Tmall. We’re talking about clean air, a subject much on the minds of anyone living in urban China (692 million of us.)

Here’s some info not in the graph: the top ten stores selling air purification products accounted for a combined $4,012,752, or 36% of the total for that month 

Takeaway – having a store on Tmall is only the first step to revenue. Savvy digital marketing takes you the rest of the way there. The strongest stores not only survive, but eat the bottom 99.9%’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some tips on Tmall strength below. If you’d like the full report, with names and links to the top ten stores, plus more, then get in touch.

Water Filtration Products on Tmall

Infographic about Tmall's water filtration products market

A smaller range of stores selling water filtration products, 329 total, and a much higher percentage that actually sold something – 96%. This has to do with the fact that not as many stores selling water filtration products sell a wide variety of other products, as with air filtration. Focus can pay on Tmall!

Still, the top ten stores on Tmall accounted for $6,062, 695 in revenue during the month for which data was gathered, or 44% of total, even more dominant than the top ten for air purification.

Want to win on Tmall? Understand that it’s pretty far from an online mall, in that you can’t rely on virtual foot traffic for sales. It’s a brand-verified Darwinian donnybrook, with successful stores going all out to get your attention and keep you hooked right through to conversion.

Five tips for going all out on Tmall:

1. Start with enough Tmall data to have a projected CPA & Quarterly Revenue.

– No use in going all out unless you have a good idea of what success looks like, and what it means to your bottom line.

2. Provide at least 2x the brand and product proof you would on Amazon.

– Show angles, measurements, packaging, production process, certificates, everything.

3. Your conversions and ratings depend on great customer service.

– Online chat during extended business hours is a must. Don’t bother “brushing”. If your competition is, you can now turn them in for fun and profit. The aforementioned data science can quickly offer definitive proof of who’s brushing, and who’s combing Alibaba for targeted customers.

4. Integrate marketing from outside Alibaba’s ecosystem to drive traffic.

Alimama and its pennywise ad solutions are not going to drive serious revenue. Only multi, if not omnichannel strategy, will get you cracking the top ten.

5. Consider letting Tmall make the business case for a stand-alone site.

– Think Tmall competition is rough? Try building a stand-alone and competing with Baidu & Alibaba for traffic, then converting Chinese visitors on your unfamiliar site. It can be done, but not if you can’t do it on Tmall first, where at least the tech and a modicum of trust is taken care of.

Again, do get in touch if you’d like to get the entire report.


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